Information for participants

We recruit participants for our experimental studies through the participant pool hosted by the W&M Psychology Department (SONA). Participants volunteer to obtain course credit or monetary payment, depending on the study. Both credit and paid studies are advertised on SONA.

Where is the lab?

The lab is located in the basement of Tucker Hall, which can be accessed from the outside or from the building-internal staircase. The main lab where most studies are conducted is Tucker 027. It located in the center of the main basement hallway, and it looks like this from the outside:


Occasionally studies are held in Tucker 020, right down the hall, so check your appointment location!

The day of your study appointment:

Arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled time-slot. Each participant must fill out some paper work before the experiment can begin. Arriving early allows the lab to stay on time.

A special note about eye-tracking experiments:

If you signed up for an eye-tracking experiment (which will be indicated on the SONA listing), please do not wear makeup to your time-slot. The eye-tracker is light sensitive, and heavy, reflective eye makeup can make it difficult to calibrate the machine. If you wear makeup to an eye-tracking experiment, we may not be able to calibrate the machine, in which case you will not receive credit or payment.